Fasting Day Three

Our weights this morning:

  • Terry: 77.7kg
  • Jolene: 59.3kg

Terry lost 1.3kg and I lost 1kg since yesterday morning. That will still be some water weight.

Overnight: I got to sleep OK and woke at 2.45am feeling terrible – my heart was racing and I felt very uncomfortable and strange.  At 3.15am I got up and went to the bathroom – I immediately started feeling worse.  My heart seemed to slow down and I thought I was going to die! I called Terry for help and asked him to get me some orange juice.  I didn’t want it but thought this might be blood sugar related.  As he went I started vomiting. He came back and I was hot and perspiring.  As a first aider he said it was shock.

8am (61 hours): Woke up and felt better but very weak.  Decide that I am definitely not fasting on water any more.  I’m going to introduce food as Fast Mimicking until Friday. Basically it’s very low calorie but is nutritious. Terry is feeling ok but weak. It’s clear that some people can deal with this type of fasting and others can’t.  After running downstairs last night to get me juice, he felt pretty bad and had to lie on the floor. He’s not able to move around quickly. He’s going to start on coffee today.

Jolene 11.00am: I made some oats with coconut milk and walnuts in the morning.  Couldn’t finish it even though I only made half the portion recommended for fast mimicking.  Ate it later though!

Terry 12pm: Bought some dehydration sachets as he was worried about electrolyte balance – that could have been my issue last night.  I think I scared him a little bit.  He said he feels really clear headed although weak.  He also said he still doesn’t feel hungry!

Jolene 3pm: I had a late lunch break and so prepared vegetables for my dinner later.  It’s a stir fry of sorts – the dressing is amazing!  Asked Terry if he wanted me to eat before he comes home but he’s not bothered! LOL!

Jolene 4.30pm: Couldn’t wait to eat any longer and didn’t want to be eating when Terry got home, so made my stirfry and it was AMAZING!! He came home while I was eating but was very good and didn’t seem to be bothered by it.  I would be seriously grumpy if it was the other way around.

10pm: Went to bed.  Terry really misses the flavour and sensation of food.



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