Fasting Day Two

Summary: I’ve just realised that this is the longest I’ve ever gone without eating.  It’s really weird going for this long and feeling fine. I feel better if I’m preoccupied and moving around. Today was hard at times but hopefully it will get easier. 

Our weights this morning:

  • Terry: 79kg
  • Jolene: 60.3kg

Terry lost 1.9kg and I lost 1.7kg since yesterday morning! Of course that will be mostly water; as the body uses up the glycogen stored in the liver and muscles, it also releases the water retained by the glycogen.

Glycogen is energy stored in our liver and muscles when we have too much glucose (energy) in our bloodstream.  Once those glycogen stores are full, the body stores the rest of that excess energy (glucose) as fat. This is why you shouldn’t take in too many more calories than you need to function and this is why sugar, not fat, is your flabby enemy!

Overnight: I had a pretty crap night’s sleep.  I definitely slept as I had weird dreams where I was freaking out because I ate pizza and cake! I sometimes struggle to get to sleep anyway so no big deal.  Hopefully tonight will be better.

8am (37 hours): Feeling slightly snappy, but nothing major.  Woke up with gut ache but that passed once I got up. Had a warm cup of lemon and water and that made me feel loads better.

10am (39 hours): I’ve been thinking about food a lot. But when I really think about it, I am always thinking about food.  Food is no longer something to sustain our bodies; it has become a form of entertainment.  I think my snappy-ness is due to being annoyed that I’m not having food, even though I’m not hungry! This makes no sense!

2pm (43 hours): Terry said his tummy feels empty and he’s never felt that before.  I find that odd – I get hunger pangs every day, even when not fasting! I read something about the feeling of True Hunger today, which apparently is felt in your mouth and throat, not your stomach, and that is a sign that you need to eat. Apparently the hunger you feel in your tum (and head) is a “toxic hunger’, not true hunger and is a result of…

“…detoxification and withdrawal from an unhealthy diet, lacking in crucial micronutrients.”

Linda Carney, MD, 2013

3pm (44 hours): I felt a little bloated earlier today – not sure why as I haven’t eaten.  Maybe it’s the gut bacteria demonstrating!  Focus has been really good this afternoon but the hunger pangs have come back. I want to stay busy and doing stuff because otherwise it means thinking about food, but I am flagging a little and feel I need to go lie down.

5pm (46 hours): Feel tired and hungry and just want to go to bed.  I think this is probably the last of the glycogen stores being used up. I really don’t think a run will be happening tonight.  I feel like having a coffee to perk me up but at this time of night it will affect my sleep later.

6pm (47 hours): I’ve realised how much time I spend preparing meals and cleaning up the kitchen – I literally don’t know what to do with all the spare time I have! I’m really up and down this evening.  Feeling a bit spaced, hungry, then feel ok and weirdly energetic in my mind but also tired.  Using the focus to get some stuff done – ALL OVER my life admin!!!

I read this article earlier and it made me giggle – when finishing a fast you need to be careful that you don’t overload your system and end up with refeeding syndrome (apparently experienced by David Blaine when he did his 44 day fast)… anyway, the guy who wrote the article had reached day 5 and he was taking it carefully the evening of breaking the fast. He said….

“I ate nuts since they’re very low glycemic and they’re fat, which won’t spike my insulin and won’t be hard on my kidneys or gut. They’re also a good source of Magnesium, which is one of the mineral deficiencies that leads to refeeding syndrome. I threw in some Potassium and Phosphate supplements as well.

I did that at 6pm…

Then at 8pm I said screw it, ordered Taiwanese food, drank a beer, then had some wine while writing this article.”

Made me chuckle…. I’m already planning Friday evening’s meal (and wine)!

10pm (51 hours): Off to bed. I feel I could sleep for a week but wouldn’t be surprised if I don’t sleep at all. 



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