Fasting Day One

Our starting weight on Monday morning:

  • Terry: 80.9kg
  • Jolene: 62kg

I’ve also got some measurements but I’m not sharing, I’ll just give the end results.  62kg is the most I’ve ever weighed.  I’ve been running every day for the last two weeks and it seems to be doing bugger all!

Summary: This was a day of ups and downs.  I was looking forward to the challenge and the hunger wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be – the early afternoon was the worst part. I just realise I like the sensation of eating.

11am (16 hours):  Some days I don’t have anything to eat until around now, so tummy is starting to remind me it wants feeding.  Better get some water down me!

1pm (18 hours): Now I want something to eat and feeling a bit grouchy. Phoning the bank to sort out their incompetance has been …rather trying!! I struggle to keep my temper when I experience crap customer service even when I’m not hungry!

2pm (19 hours): Terry reported acetone flavour (like smell of nail varnish remover) in his mouth for a brief moment.  In theory, that’s the start of ketosis, where the body starts to use fat for energy, but seems a little early for that!

3pm (20 hours): Fasting and studying do not work together.  I feel distracted and my mind is wandering from one thing to another. I don’t actually feel that hungry.  I thought I’d have another coffee but now I have a weird fuzzy headache and starting to feel a bit crap, so going for a lie down (lucky I don’t work Mondays and Tuesdays).

4pm (21 hours): How weird; I feel fine again.  I’m thinking the caffeine does not agree with an empty tummy, so best avoid it.  Getting on with my Mendelian Inheritance assignment!

6pm (23 hours): Thinking about food and getting the empty belly feeling again.  I’m SOOOO over water right now!

8.30pm (25.5 hours): Just back from evening exercise.  Feeling a bit spaced and thinking I might make up a fasting diet allowing wine. I think it would be popular, albeit wrong!

10pm (27 hours): Off to bed. It’s good to be at a time of day that doesn’t involve food! Night all!

See Day Two




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