Sugar Coated Lies

Some of you may have read my previous ‘rants’ about sugar and fat.  Well, an article in yesterday’s New York Times has ‘outed’ the conspiracy that has made generations believe that saturated fat in food makes you overweight (and obese) and causes heart disease.

In summary, the article indicates that during the 1960s scientists were paid to play down the link between sugar and heart disease, and instead point their chubby finger at saturated fat.  This happened in a time when it wasn’t necessary to disclose sources of financial funding – if anyone had looked into it, they would have been surprised (SURPRISE!!) that the studies were financed by The Sugar Research Foundation (now called the Sugar Association).

The article in the New York Times also refers to a 2015 article where more recently Coca Cola are accused of providing millions dollars in funding to those research scientists who play down links between sugar and obesity!  (Clearly, it’s the business to be in!)

So, where does this leave us?  I refer you back to my previous blog ‘ Big Fat Lies!’ and the huge amount of well researched, scholarly articles out there on the internet.

One area that I find very interesting, and I don’t see/hear much about it, is the link between sugar and mental health.  It’s quite a complex relationship, as it’s related to intestinal issues, but it’s something I want to try to tackle here at some point.


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