Free Styling

Well, that last post was quite a while ago.  The diet improved my health no-end, and then a little treat ‘here and there’ turned into a little treat ‘here there and everywhere’! I’m so weak!!

I realised that I have adapted to not quite feeling 100%.  It got me thinking about how our health and wellbeing baseline changes over time. Aches and pains creep in and we just put it down to getting older. Feeling slightly unwell after eating and drinking and we just put it down to eating too much.

But is that all it is?  Or is my body reacting to the bad things I’m putting in my body? Will these reactions culminate in my body giving up and developing some (another) horrible disease?  Why do I just put up with feeling this way and continue doing the things I know my body doesn’t like?  What’s wrong with me!??

I recently met someone who is very ill with IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease).  Her situation reminded me of how far I have come from being diagnosed with IBD myself and how when we are desperately ill, we will do anything and everything to feel normal again.

She is an inspiration in many ways; her positivity is infectious and although her journey back to health is a hard one, she is embracing it completely.

I’ve introduced her to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet which helped me recover all those years ago.  I’ve decided I’m no longer calling it a ‘diet’, it’s now going to be known as the Specific Carbohydrate Lifestyle (SCL) – because this has to be a lifestyle change, not just a short term fix.  Approaching it as a ‘lifestyle’ means rejecting all that has gone before and not going back to it – it is a different mindset.

This morning I emailed my friend with a link to a Paleo diet blog that has loads of recipes allowed on the ‘SCL’.  I was looking at the recipes thinking how great they sound and then wondered why I’m not eating this way myself – it’s not like I am in the best of health at the moment.  It all comes down to effort…

Today’s fast paced life makes it hard to actively plan meals, shop for quality produce and then spend time cooking.  But maybe it’s not necessary to really plan or to spend lot of time in the kitchen when you are just dealing with really fresh and healthy ingredients – maybe it’s possible to just buy whatever looks good and throw it together quickly- lets call it ‘free style cooking’.  (And no, I didn’t steal that phrase from Jamie Oliver, although I admit it does sound like something he would come out with! Meh!)

I’m not quite ready for free style cooking yet, but I wonder if I follow the Paleo diet for a month or so will I become more inventive and imaginative?

So this is going to be my next experiment.  Paleo for a month.  Then we will see how we feel about free styling …now I have Groove Armada’s Superstylin‘ in my head… and now you do too!!


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